Thursday, October 23, 2008

calling bullpoo on this here

This story "about" a McCain sticker... IS a McCain sticker.

FAKE. I think this story is fake shit from the Karl Rovots hired by McCain. It will blow up all over his own racist face.

"B" for Black? "B" for Barack? White woman violated by Black Man for her support of McCain! Danger!

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  1. Hello, and bravo for this..and all of this.

    This story stunk immediately, and I heard it trumpeted A LOT among the (desperate) conservative commentators...for exactly one day. That is a particularly sweet result of this story and its debunking.

    The large stable of conservative "political talk(ing points)" outlets is losing power very quickly, it seems, but they are definitely the "down-but-not-out" types. What mischief will they be up to next!

    Oh well, We'll communicate again.


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