Monday, August 21, 2017

Why Children Love The Guinness Book of World Records

Children love the Guinness Book of World Records because it helps them to orient themselves in this world which is still relatively new to them. What better way to get a handle on things, than to learn the extremes between which all other cases occur? So, how tall is the tallest man? I will have to contend with no taller man than he. How short is the shortest man? I need to know. Fastest vehicle? Heaviest meteorite? If I can slake my curiosity with information on the fastest, the heaviest, the biggest, the smallest, and all the other superlatives that come to mind, then I’ll have a better idea of the parameters of just what I can anticipate out there. And if I want to distinguish myself by setting a record of my own, what are the numbers I need to beat? This, too, the GBOWR can answer.

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  1. Thanks for explaining my own curiosity with that book and show. Gotta share this really thoughtfulo explanation with my kids. They love this stuff too.


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