Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging More Often

Ignore the yellow vase. These are two little elephants I made in 1998, with little bent nails for tusks. The white one is made of a spongy modeling compound that's almost lighter than air, and the black one is much more dense and far heavier.

This is Edwin Hubble. As I once read in some book whose title I've forgotten, "In 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered that not only are all measured galaxies receding from one another (and therefore, receding from us), but that their velocity of recession is proportional to their distance from us. This ration -- of recession velocity to distance -- is called the Hubble Constant."

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  1. If you release helium baloons in the Staple Center, we know what happens. If you remove the roof, we know what happens. If galaxies are moving further and further away from us and each other,that does not mean that the universe is expanding! It simply means that the galaxies are moving further and further away from us and each other.
    If the universe has a perimeter, than it can't expand. If the universe is infinite, then the concept of expansion is meaningless. Ihe theory of expansion is based on the notion, I guess, that the known galaxies are surrounded by empty space. As the galaxies move apart, they fill up more empty space, and thus, "expand". That's not expansion, it's semantics.



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