Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Recommend This Insightful New Article from Peter Dale Scott

The part of Peter's new piece that was new to me was the lengthy quotation from NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's astonishingly courageous Washington Post article about the Bush administration's active role in the financial crisis, and the fact that the Feds raided the Governor's hotel room the very night the article was posted.

Just as with Bill Clinton and Gary Hart, we are somehow forced to concern ourselves with the bodies of our statesmen, not the urgent voices of their rational minds. John F. Kennedy was a sex addict (BTW, I don't care), but was too popular, too smart, and too good at managing the media for the warmongers to sink him with the Mighty Wurlitzer of the puppet press. So they got us to concentrate on his body in a different way.

See for details.

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