Friday, February 27, 2009

A New Trailer, Wherein JFK Takes It All Very Personally...


  1. Please tell me you don't actually believe that:
    1. George W. Bush is a mastermind capable of engineering a conspiracy of such magnitude.

    2. its possible to successfully co-ordinate a conspiracy involving thousands of people.

    3. its possible to keep a conspiracy involving thousands of people under wraps, both before and after 9/11.

    4. if Bush and/or Cheney wanted a pretext to invade Iraq they couldn't have found a far simpler and far less risky provocation.

    5. the most effective way to justify an attack on Saddam Hussein is by trumping up charges against Osama Bin Laden.

    I'm not clear on exactly what you think you've "learned," but I'm wondering also if you actually take seriously all the stories about how the WTC buildings were deliberately rigged with explosives synchronized with the airplane attacks, or the stories that an airplane didn't cause the damage at the Pentagon, etc.

    That would associate you with the thinking of those totally convinced Darwin was wrong because his theory can't (yet) explain everything.

    I've been looking through your blog and until I saw this video I have to say I was impressed. And interested in possibly collaborating, as I have a somewhat similar blog of my own, dealing with poetry and economics. But the theories I THINK you are advocating seriously undermine your credibility, I'm afraid.

    You realize of course that the real conspiracy here is the one started by Lyndon Larouche. If you do a search on the names of those most stridently promoting this incredibly dumb theory you'll see connections with Larouche everywhere. The theory is worthy of him -- not you.

    Please say it isn't so . . .

  2. DocG -

    I'm sure you're comments are heartfelt but if feels to me like vandalism to see a comment like this decorating such a beautiful poetry reading.

    We all are entitled to our own beliefs, and you seem pretty set on yours. Personally, I find it boring and a waste of time to try to argue against somebody's strong beliefs. So I won't say much more. But the suggestion that Larouche is at the root of all the 9.11 "conspiracy theories" is just about the most ridiculous thing I've heard about 9.11 in years.

  3. Sorry, but my comment was inadvertently placed under the wrong video. If you find it boring to argue against people's strong beliefs then why are you following this blog, which is full of such arguments?

    As for LaRouche, here's a link to a transcript of an interview he was doing at the time of the attack: You can see the whole theory being hatched before your eyes. Without a shred of evidence regarding the attack he already "knows" who's responsible, who isn't and why. If you do a Google search on Larouche and 9-11 you'll find a lot more. If you are looking for "dupes" I suggest you look for people who take this sort of paranoia seriously.


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