Saturday, February 21, 2009

Robert Kuttner on Why Obama Surrounds Himself with Rightists (So Far)

This guy was a guest on FOX NEWS one day late last year, and as Hannity began to try to bully him in his typical, militantly stupid manner, Mr. Robert Kuttner fired back "The economy is tanking! You gonna deny that too, you fool?" Thus I became a fan.

But I'd never heard Kuttner speak in a forum where his host was actually interested in what he had to say, until I came across this 2-part interview on YouTube:

I like it for a few reasons, though the dude is pro-stimulus and I'm very skeptical of it. Perhaps the best feature of this interview is the insight it affords -- or if not quite insight, at least a coherent narrative -- to the vexing question of why President Obama has hired the same criminals who created this current financial mess to clean it up.

The whole interview -- including the remarks of the host, journalist Paul Jay -- is quite good, with plenty of non-obvious ideas. The outfit that produced it is called "THE REAL NEWS."

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  1. agreed, nice interview.

    i would pick a bone with the stimulus bill infrastructure spending being good. this is more of the same - highways bridges and roads to nowhere. if they wanted to spend a trillion dollars to rebuild the train system that would be cool with me.


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