Friday, March 6, 2009

A Chat With A Libertarian About Economic Growth

...or, How To Be Free and Prosperous Beneath Meters of Melted Sea-Ice

These of course are screencaps from Facebook, where I recently enjoyed a little tet-a-tete with a fine fellow I had never heard of. I wish him well.

These look too small to read, but if you click on each one it will blow up larger.

Note this interesting article:

Wow! There's an amazingly fuel efficient vehicle. But who will scale it up to replace the doomed US car fleet -- 250 million cars!? How much fossil energy will it cost to build that many replacements? NO combination of renewables known to humanity can drive the scale of energy consumption to which our sprawling infrastructure has committed us.

I hope the gov't allocates 800 billion to the auto industry to retool all the plants for building streetcar trolleys, passenger light rail (high speed or not), and freight rail. That way you guys get jobs, and the rest of us get some food security when the trucks crap out. Instead they're investing in highways.

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  1. dude, look what you are up against!

    those libertarians got it all figured out!


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