Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ocean Waves

Found this video, had these thoughts.

Even Wave: This is all electrostatics. The pair of hydrogens marries the oxygen atom by exchanging electrons; no witness, no ketubah, no ceremony. It's Vegas out there.

Odd Wave: Delmore Schwartz heard and read the ancient folding chapters of the sea off Coney Island, same as when the Anglo-Saxon kings of Engelond took therein a piss royale.

Even Wave: It's a lot of tumbling. It's the water molecules tumbling on each other. It's ping-pong balls in a bin, spilling to the warehouse floor, while hunchbacked angel Mortimer does another doughnut run for the Foreman.

Odd Wave: The waves and the tides are the Moon's lack of a straw.

Even Wave: The march of the waves is martial.

Odd Wave: In Quantum Mechanics, gravity is a force mediated by the exchange of particles called gravitons. In Relativity, gravity is not a force; it's the curvature of spacetime induced by the presence of mass. So the ocean is spitting gravitons at the Moon like a trillion fourth-graders with pea shooters, but the waves are also moving up and down along paths that are the straightest available.

Even Wave: The ocean is pure trance with no mind to lose.

Odd Wave: I think I have a proton from Aristotle's spleen.

Even Wave: Some fish know about birds; most do not. We waves know both.

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